• Hello Nuclides!

    Who’s bitter and resentful at the sudden, unannounced ending of Nukees? I debated with myself for a long while if I should warn you all ahead of time, and I felt it would negatively affect the reading experience to know what was coming. I hope the looming finality of the plot line over the past few years was clue enough. But if you want to throw eggs at me for the rug pull, you’re probably totally justified.

    So what’s next? To be honest, I don’t know anymore. I had planned a spin off. You can get a clue from the URL of this blog post what it was going to be about. I didn’t want to lose you, my precious readers, and I thought I needed to start the “next strip” IMMEDIATELY.

    The last time I processed my logs was over ten years ago. Back then it looked like I had over ten thousand readers. However, in these last days of drawing, I processed them anew and found that number has probably dropped to only a few thousand.

    That’s great, BTW. I love that *anyone* is reading this. I love that some of you have kept with me since the beginning! But Nukees was written for 1997 and I’ve come to realize that I can’t just replace it with another strip aimed two and a half decades in the past. People don’t seek out webcomics anymore. They don’t “surf the web” like they used to. They let social media push entertainment onto them, rather than pull it from the world. I need to figure this all out, and learn color, and maybe animation, and the next thing, and the previous thing, and I want to make Nukees an enormous book, and I realized I can’t do all this on top of a three-per-week schedule I’ve stuck to for a quarter century. I think I need a little time to learn it all anew. But maybe you could still come with me?

    My first step was to install Wordpress. I hate it. But I’ll keep plugging away. And I’ll fill it with ideas and thoughts and drawings and more thoughts and seriously, would you like to come along?

    I’m at Burning Man right now. And will be traveling to the other side of the globe for the next month after that. But keep coming back here after Sep 7 and I’ll try to settle into a MWF schedule again, but just with text to start. I’ll try to post drawings of “The Next Thing(TM)” or progress on “The Book(TM)” or maybe just complain about how much I hate Wordpress, or Adobe, or whatever new tool I’ll be learning. And you should comment back, like we used to, and tell me I’m doing it wrong.

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